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Business Advisory Services

Do you need support for improving your internal management systems within your organization or team? 


Financial mechanisms & fancy new tech won't save a poorly-managed or ill-designed business or program. In response to this challenge, FLUSH specializes in developing the business acumen of organizations and excels in multiple disciplines crucial to the success of building effective programs and teams. FLUSH has experience in supporting a diverse range of technical assistance and advisory activities, including: 

Our Approach

Business Acumen: We believe helping teams acquire good business processes and strategic thinking benefit social impact as much as profit. 

Management Systems: We improve internal management systems. Fixing work systems is as important as enabling environments.

People Focus: Technology won't save the world, people will. While we know and use technology, we work with people to address their needs in ways that work for them and are equitable

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E): Systems building, analysis, and data management.

M&E is an essential tool that helps inform managers on program progress and communicates to others the effectiveness of program impact. We can work with you on your M&E program, whether you are at the beginning stages of introducing M&E into your organization or need help evolving an old program to be more relevant to your efforts. We can also improve your organization’s performance management systems, develop frameworks and conduct in-depth analyses, and create data policies and platforms that accommodate both data collection and visualization.     

Project Management: Planning, research, and oversight. 

Managing projects can be overwhelming and difficult to keep on track, especially when the funded work is ambitious. We can work with your team in all aspects of managing projects from the planning stages, through researching, procuring, executing, and controlling…up until the reflection period after a project ends.  

Capacity and Professional Development: Workshop and training, development design, and knowledge management. 

Growing the people, organization, and communities in which you work helps ensure programs can be resilient to changes and sustainable. We can help you assess with your team and stakeholders what kind of capacity and professional development programs are best suited for your work and values. We can also design workshops, training, and mentorship programs for your team to build knowledge and skillsets that are crucial for your sector, as well as build a culture of learning within your organization and/or communities. We have extensive experience with building and executing knowledge management for internal and external groups. 

Communications: Storytelling and marketing. 

Making sure your story is compelling to attract and engage audiences is important for fundraising, awareness building, and maintaining a strong culture. We can help your organization develop stories from your data and experiences that speak to the hearts and minds of your target audiences. We can also develop marketing and communication guidelines to help your team build your organization’s voice.


To have a clear scope of work and ensure satisfied clients, we make sure to understand your expectations, requirements, and timelines before we begin our work. 

We approach most consulting projects with a daily rate and an estimated number of days required to complete the work. We will maintain a detailed timesheet for billing purposes. Please contact us to find out about our daily rates.

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