We provide professional advisory and consulting services for the WASH sector. We help organizations and enterprises improve strategies and build capacity to unlock funding opportunities and manage sustainable business models. 


We offer fun, "edutaining" classes and events about sanitation and hygiene for a wide variety of audiences - from the general public and children, to professional organizations interested in development and training opportunities.

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Learn more about water, sanitation, and hygiene, and discover how to change and improve the future for all of us!

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FLUSH is a sanitation solutions superhero whose powers include education, advocacy, and consulting.

Founded in 2018, FLUSH is a women-owned business focused on the “WASH” (water, sanitation, and hygiene) sector. FLUSH boasts a unique set of overlapping technical, process, and educational specialties. Current activities cover three key focuses:

(1) building greater public awareness of WASH programs;

(2) developing advocacy initiatives; and,

(3) enhancing and building professionalism in organizations and institutions working in the world of sanitation.



Representative activity highlights from the last five years include:


Credit: Maulin Mehta

Water & Sanitation Consulting

We provide professional consulting services for the WASH sector. We build capacity to address common pain points that make it difficult for the sector participants to unlock funding opportunities and manage sustainable business models. Our services include business management assessment; monitoring, analytics, and evaluation; strategic marketing and storytelling; and building engaging professional development programs. We also work with the private sector to understand their funding requirements and build their sector knowledge to help connect them to organizations ready to partner in mutually-beneficial relationships.

Edutaining Classes & Advocacy

Studies show awareness-building is critical to nourishing philanthropic movements and global change. With this in mind, we are dedicated to changing public perception of sanitation so that the “taboo” of toilets may be overcome. We believe that this enhanced awareness will result in greater experimentation, more innovation, and heightened interest in transforming sanitation in lives around the globe.

Want your community or team to learn more about toilets? Invite us to come present! Choose from one of our classes in our "menu," or let us tailor a class to your unique specifications. 



Kimberly Worsham, MPA, MIWM is a water and sanitation specialist with over a decade of experience. She discovered a passion for toilets early as a child, where her curiosity led her to inspect the facilities of every restaurant she entered. Years later, she was reminded of that love while consulting in India and continued to follow her passion by working in Australia, Kenya, Ghana, and Cambodia. Has also worked for international NGOs focused on providing safe drinking water. She was also a founding board member of a local water organization, NYC H2O.

In different lives, she has worked in local government, corporate marketing, and even taught math in Rwanda. She received her MPA and BSc in business at NYU, and a Masters in Integrated Water Management from the University of Queensland as an International WaterCentre Scholar.

Kim maintains a strong professional network across sectors and geographies, including a pool of qualified consultants for FLUSH projects.

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"Kimberly had done an impressive job preparing a session that was highly tailored to this audience by incorporating content... Kimberly’s joyful attitude and energetic presentation style made the session fun, engaging, as well as effective and easy to follow."

- Darinka G, school event



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Icahn School of Medicine

Educated medical students about the links between infectious disease and sanitation in history in NYC.